Ocucon Joins the Loss Prevention Research Council

Ocucon has announced our partnership with The Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC), a leading loss prevention & retail research organisation with a membership of over 70 retail chains and 75 technology companies. 

Retailers face a mounting problem with slips, trips and falls. With Ocucon’s support, our innovative solutions will lead to new insights and innovation to proactively mitigate risk from personal injury claims and help retailers protect the bottom line. 

The LPRC has carried out over 300 real-world loss prevention research projects for retailers and partners. One of the aims of the LPRC is to provide comprehensive research, development opportunities, and collaborative spaces for its members to enable innovative loss & crime control solutions. 

Based at the University of Florida, the LPRC carries out its research through using PhD level researchers to investigate, develop, and measure the financial impact of initiatives, reduction in crime and loss, and sales increases by using scientific methods. These methods include randomised field experimentation, interviews and focus groups, review of surveillance footage, and statistical analyses and models. The LPRC also conducts proprietary research, training, expert witness and consulting for both members and non-members.

Joining the LPRC is a great opportunity for Ocucon to further learn about the various challenges that face retailers, from internal and external theft to supply chain management. LPRC holds various events throughout the year, both in person and virtual and we look forward to attending these in order to further engage with the organisation and its members. 

“Ocucon is proud to support the LPRC by contributing to loss prevention innovation to assist retailers in solving their varied challenges” says Gary Trotter, CEO of Ocucon. “Our partnership with the LPRC helps us participate and learn from the industry to accelerate our mission.”

Ocucon partnership with LPRC

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