An efficient, affordable, and manageable defence against fake or fraudulent personal injury claims through low-cost CCTV Cloud Storage.

Costing the UK approximately £800 million each year, trips, slips, falls, and other such incidents are a growing target for fraudsters.

With around 10% (£80 million) of this overall claim average proven fraudulent, it’s time to take the necessary steps to safeguard your business.

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Despite constant technological advances and the widespread use of CCTV and other surveillance systems, archiving CCTV video surveillance footage for lengthy periods of time consumes an incredible amount of data. Cost effective storage of this data remains the key challenge that companies face today and has led to typical CCTV video surveillance solutions only storing footage for 30-days. However, with the average personal injury claim arriving 90-days after the incident, this leaves businesses and organisations exposed to significant risk.

Cloud by Ocucon was developed specifically to mitigate these risks through providing businesses with an affordable and manageable frontline defence against fake or fraudulent personal injury claims. Designed to form the centre piece of any loss prevention strategy, it is the world’s first Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) solution. Safeguard your business through this low cost cloud storage solution for CCTV security cameras.

Cloud Benefits

Cloud Storage and Backup Solutions for CCTV mitigate risk of fraudulent Personal Injury Claims

Cloud Storage for CCTV Cameras

Retains vital evidence to refute fraudulent claims

Cost Effective Cloud Storage Solutions for CCTV Cameras

Cost Effective & User Friendly

Unlimited storage for unlimited CCTV Cameras

Unlimited storage for unlimited CCTV cameras with Cloud

Stream CCTV Video To Cloud

Mitigates risk of tampering or damage to on-site hardware

Cloud CCTV Storage provides Seamless Incident Logging for Loss Prevention

Seamless Incident Logging

Active loss prevention through asset protection

In cases where a personal injury claim is made against a business, video evidence is vital. Without critical data from CCTV footage to provide supporting evidence, companies can quickly find themselves unable to refute or defend themselves against related allegations, leaving them completely exposed to fake or fraudulent claims.

However, CCTV video generates a huge amount of data, meaning the long-term backup of such data is often met with technological and financial constraints. This has led to the widespread use of on-site network video recorders (NVRs), which typically store CCTV data for only 30-days.

Cloud by Ocucon was designed and developed to provide businesses with a cost-efficient and user-friendly solution to address these issues. 

Cloud offers a robust and easy to use system that provides unlimited storage for unlimited surveillance cameras and delivers the ultimate protection against fake or fraudulent personal injury claims. 

By taking a secondary feed from any IP CCTV camera, and using proprietary software, Cloud allows video footage to be securely streamed directly to the cloud. 

Through using Tier 3 level data centres and end-to-end military-grade (256-bit) encryption of all data, it also mitigates the risk of tampering or damage to on-site hardware. This is a real risk for data held on physical recording devices such as NVRs, or from handing over related security equipment to the authorities for analysis following a major incident. 

In addition to the storage and retrieval of data, Cloud’s user-friendly incident management tool enables the retention and bookmarking of video evidence.

Seamless incident logging and retrieval of CCTV video surveillance footage allows users to respond efficiently and appropriately to any personal injury claim. Cloud’s incident management tool also provides a downloadable PDF report that summarises the incident and can be issued along with an appropriate response, including video footage, to the claimant or a third-party representative, drastically reducing the chance of your business becoming the victim of fraud.

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KFC trust loss prevention software from Ocucon for GDPR and CCPA compliance
Aldi use a range of cloud based software solutions developed by Ocucon for Loss Prevention
Dunelm use Ocucon's video redaction software for GDPR compliance
NHS uses CCTV video redaction software from Ocucon for GDPR compliance
Estee Lauder use loss prevention software developed by Ocucon
Schuh trust loss prevention and asset protection software from Ocucon

With pricing from as little as £4.50 per camera per month don’t let a lack of data storage be the reason you end up paying out on fraudulent claims. For a detailed installation quote, or to simply find out more about how Cloud could be your ideal solution, get in touch today.

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