An intelligent, low cost spill detection and monitoring system designed to reduce the amount of trips, slips, and falls caused by liquid spills.

Slips, trips and falls cost businesses over $11bn each year. Around half of these accidents are caused by spillage related incidents that result from avoidable human factors.

Using artificial intelligence built upon existing CCTV networks, SpillDetect provides the ideal solution to mitigate the risk of trips and slips. Protect your business now and negate liability cases with SpillDetect.

Spill Detection Software Interface and Dashboard

Research by the Health and Safety Executive has shown that 71% of trips and slips are avoidable, and according to the National Safety Council, they account for 36% of all emergency department visits. Human factors play a significant role in the majority of these accidents, which predominantly result from a poor perception of risk. Often, there is a failure of staff to identify slip and trip risks accompanied by a breakdown in the reporting of spills, a significant proportion of which originate from customers dropping items then failing to report the incident. These outcomes leave businesses exposed to significant risk and liability.

With individual claim levels ranging from £12,900 for a modest ankle injury to up to £90,290 for a severe knee injury, this has led to personal injury specialists and claims management companies actively targeting a wide range of businesses in liability cases. Not only has corporate social responsibility placed an emphasis on improving customer and employee health and safety, but the increasingly litigious society in which we live has also driven the need for businesses to improve in this critical area of loss prevention, so as to avoid the high costs of personal injury cases. 

Spill Detect Benefits

Uses Existing CCTV Infrastructure for Spill Detection Sensing

Uses existing CCTV Infrastructure

Quick and easy installation saves time

Reduce Accidents and Liability with Spill Detection Sensor Software

Reduce Accidents & Liabilities

Proactive Loss Prevention through AI

Cost Effective and User Friendly Liquid Spill Detection Monitoring System

Cost Effective & User Friendly

Low cost monthly subscription

Developed in partnership with SeeChange, Ocucon SpillDetect software harnesses the power of artificial intelligence. Built upon existing CCTV networks it removes the need for any additional infrastructure, allowing for quick and easy installation along with rapid deployment for the detection of liquid spills. Businesses that adopt this state-of-the-art technology can therefore achieve fast and robust improvements in customer and occupational health & safety through proactively monitoring and sensing the most common cause of accidents, liquid spills.

Behavioural research has shown how there’s a natural human tendency to rationalise shortcuts, particularly when under pressure, and that it produces poor risk assessment. SpillDetect removes the reliance of businesses on humans for the detection and reporting of liquid spills through automatic monitoring and detection. As soon as SpillDetect software senses a liquid spill it automatically generates an alert. Alerts can be bespoke, determined by specific installations, and range from audio to SMS and email. Automatic spill detection allows businesses to eliminate human induced errors and improve their overall risk management profile. An outcome that delivers an enhanced customer experience along with a lift in occupational health and safety, through proactive software monitoring and generation of alerts.

It’s time to take the necessary steps to safeguard your business by taking pre-emptive action that negates liability cases through a low cost monthly subscription. Don’t let a lack of proactive spill detection and monitoring be the reason you end up paying out on personal injury claims.

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KFC trust loss prevention software from Ocucon for GDPR and CCPA compliance
Aldi use a range of cloud based software solutions developed by Ocucon for Loss Prevention
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NHS uses CCTV video redaction software from Ocucon for GDPR compliance
Estee Lauder use loss prevention software developed by Ocucon
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Liquid spill detection and monitoring system for loss prevention specialists. Receive automated alerts to prevent accidents caused by liquid spills and mitigate related risks and liabilities through proactive software monitoring of CCTV footage.  

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