Intelligent video redaction software designed for GDPR and CCPA compliance with subject-access requests.

When we think of personal data we tend to only consider digital information such as email addresses and personal contact details.

But with changes to data protection laws driven by the introduction of GDPR and CCPA the scope of personal data has been expanded to include video footage. With pretty much every business, building, and public space now having some form of CCTV video surveillance huge amounts of personal data are captured, recorded and stored every single day.

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Pixelate provides a highly effective tool that allows businesses and organisations to perform timely SAR responses through GDPR and CCPA compliant software that automatically redacts video footage and mitigates the risk of related regulatory fines that otherwise may be imposed by the ICO or the State of California.

Under both GDPR and CCPA individuals have the right to perform a Subject Access Request (SAR) and obtain records to all of their personal information held by any organisation, including data gathered through CCTV equipment. Although framed as a request, when a business or organisation receives a SAR they are under a legal obligation to issue timely responses and to supply all personal data held on that individual, including video footage.

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Efficiently manage CCTV subject access requests for GDPR and CCPA with Pixelate

CCTV & Subject Access Requests

Comply with GDPR when releasing personal data

CCTV Video Redaction through Software as a Service

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Intelligent automated video redaction through AI

Low Cost CCTV Video Redaction Software for GDPR and CCPA Compliance

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Secure Redaction Software for CCTV Video and Compliance with GDPR

Secure Redaction of Personal Data

Suitable for all types of video camera and CCTV footage

Providing an individual with the requested CCTV video footage is not as simple as it may at first seem. Just as the requester’s personal information can be present on a recording so can the data of any other third party.

Whilst it is well within an individual’s rights to access their own personal data they cannot be privy to that of any other naturally identifiable person or third party appearing within. When issuing a response to a SAR that includes video footage from surveillance cameras, businesses must obscure or redact every other identifiable person that appears within the recording, otherwise they will be releasing personal data to an unauthorised third party - a breach of both CCPA and GDPR.

Pixelate by Ocucon offers a low cost, cloud based, user-friendly software as a service solution to help you do just that.

Suitable for all types of camera footage, our software harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to allow users to quickly apply intelligent automated redaction to video footage. Simply upload your videos directly to our secure Pixelate platform through advanced end-to-end encryption to the cloud and let our system go to work and obscure the faces of others that appear within the footage. This not only saves your business the cost of specialist redaction hardware and costly outsourcing services, but can also redact your videos 5-times faster than other solutions currently on the market.

Pixelate provides a monthly subscription service that offers customers one of three basic tiers for automated video redaction.

Simply select between 5 and 30 minutes of redaction per month and choose how many user licenses you require. Additional video redaction can also be bought in blocks of 15, 60, 180, and 540 minutes of footage to top-up your account. Please see below for more details of our subscription plans.

There’s no need to wait for installation or download, simply subscribe and start redacting today!

You don’t need to have any of our other services and this cloud based software platform is suitable for all types of camera footage to ensure that whatever your surveillance levels, all your data, and the personal data of others remains secure.

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KFC trust loss prevention software from Ocucon for GDPR and CCPA compliance
Aldi use a range of cloud based software solutions developed by Ocucon for Loss Prevention
Dunelm use Ocucon's video redaction software for GDPR compliance
NHS uses CCTV video redaction software from Ocucon for GDPR compliance
Estee Lauder use loss prevention software developed by Ocucon
Schuh trust loss prevention and asset protection software from Ocucon

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“We approached Ocucon to develop an embedded version of Pixelate. The team at Ocucon is extremely innovative and agile, and we were really impressed with the rapid deployment of the solution that we required. The result was an effective and well-received solution that helped Everseen fully comply with our client’s complicated privacy rules ."

Chris Taylor | Everseen

"We get a lot of Subject Access Requests for CCTV and Body Cam footage and Pixelate enables us to quickly and easily respond to these requests. I would recommend it to any retailer looking for an effective and efficient GDPR compliance solution. The process from start to finish is professional and the Ocucon staff are extremely helpful, offering full support when required." 

Ellie Holmes-Field | Data Protection Team | Morrisons

"I would highly recommend Pixelate as it allows us to quickly and easily redact CCTV footage, which is necessary in order to comply with GDPR requirements. I would recommend it to any business looking for an easy to use, professional video redaction solution." 

Alan Dobie | Asset Protection | KFC UK

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