OCCUPi is an innovative, low-cost solution for occupancy control from Ocucon.

Developed in collaboration with a major global retailer, OCCUPi is the best independent, responsive, and fully future-proof answer to occupancy management on the market.

By combining CCTV analysis with deep-learning technology Occupi eliminates the need for costly door marshals and delivers a return on investment within 30-days, providing the perfect solution for your business.

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Occupi integrates with automatic doors and pulls data real-time from both in and outside the store through CCTV for people counting and occupancy tracking. Real-time comparison of this data by Occupi to the occupancy number calculated for the store size and layout in compliance with government guidelines allows the system to provide safe and smart occupancy management. Once the maximum value is reached, the doors will automatically close, barring entry to any new customers until internal occupancy has dropped beneath this threshold.

A highly visible and user-friendly traffic-light system placed over the store entrance clearly communicates internal capacity levels for those waiting outside and indicates when it is safe to enter the store. This system is functional, effective and delivers seamless occupancy management with a proven capability to allow stores to remain within occupancy guidelines. Our technology achieves these outcomes through using deep-learning and CCTV to accurately and efficiently track customer movements both inside and outside the store to control in store occupancy levels, which ensures that each and every store remains in line with government-imposed restrictions and general social-distancing measures.

OCCUPi Dashboard takes occupancy management and control to an entirely new level through an incredibly accurate reporting and control system based upon AI and machine learning. It allows regional managers and directors to view a range of metrics and quickly compare them from store to store across their retail network. 

Dashboard provides graphical representation of current occupancy levels, it indicates whether or not maximum occupancy was reached, and if so for how long, along with the number of people that have entered and exited through user editable date ranges, which poll and extract data from on-site Occupi control units. It also displays occupancy percentage allowing management and senior decision makers to assess levels of spare capacity on a store by store basis across their network of outlets.

Through illuminating hot spots, Dashboard can help guide investment, whether by expanding existing locations or through new store placement, so that retailers can absorb all the revenue available in respective locations. The ability to export graphs as a CSV file also allows Occupi metrics to be integrated with point-of-sale (POS) data to determine conversion rates and average spend per customer per store. This can then be compared across regions and territories to assess and monitor performance, delivering actionable retail intelligence with unrivalled accuracy.

Occupi Benefits

Improve sales and productivity with Occupi automated occupancy management and control

Automated Occupancy Management

Mitigate risk through real-time occupancy monitoring

Low cost occupancy control system that delivers an ROI in under 30 Days

Cost Effective & User Friendly

Loss prevention through effective planning

Automated Occupancy Management and Control System

Quick & Easy Installation Saves Time

Improves sales and productivity - proven 30-day ROI

By replacing costly door marshals and security guards, the Occupi system provides full and comprehensive cover continuously through store opening hours.

The automatic maintenance of safe occupancy levels accurately keeps your store occupancy in check, mitigating the risk for businesses of non-compliance with Covid-19 government guidelines. Smart occupancy control also eliminates the possibility of human error and reduces potential points of contact between customers and staff, which further minimises transmission potential within stores that use this system. 

For any business or organisation looking to mitigate the risk of a Covid-19 second wave, or future pandemic, Occupi forms a fundamental part of any structured Disaster Recovery Planning process through a fully ONVIF compliant system free from any trade black lists.

It even supports batch entry, so upon opening the system can be configured to only let a predetermined group of people in at a time, to prevent crowding and ensure a safe flow of customers.

With quick and easy installation and deployment, Occupi saves you vital time and resources.

Getting to work almost immediately, it has delivered proven increases in productivity for users of this ground-breaking occupancy management and monitoring system. To facilitate setup, Occupi even supports remote commissioning to ensure a smooth and supported user experience upon deployment.

Trusted by World Leading Brands

KFC trust loss prevention software from Ocucon for GDPR and CCPA compliance
Aldi use a range of cloud based software solutions developed by Ocucon for Loss Prevention
Dunelm use Ocucon's video redaction software for GDPR compliance
NHS uses CCTV video redaction software from Ocucon for GDPR compliance
Estee Lauder use loss prevention software developed by Ocucon
Schuh trust loss prevention and asset protection software from Ocucon

OCCUPi API offers a new optional feature for users of Occupi - the market leading occupancy monitoring system from Ocucon. API facilitates the extraction of occupancy data by retailers in real time on a store-by-store basis. Integration of this feed allows retailers to indicate online whether stores are full or have capacity, and if they have available capacity, how many customers they can accommodate before becoming full. Through providing this data, Occupi API enhances customer experience by enabling customers to observe live occupancy levels in real time at their local store before committing to a journey, so that they can avoid unnecessary exposure to bad weather and queues.


Aldi approached Ocucon in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic to see if it was possible to develop a solution that managed customer numbers in line with government social distancing guidelines. From concept to delivery, it took Ocucon less than three weeks to install the first Occupi occupancy control system.

Richard Thornton | Communications Director | Aldi Uk

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