About Us

Ocucon is a visionary technology company with the aim of helping businesses have a one stop shop to “see everything and know everything."

Founded in 2016, Ocucon specialises in the development and sale of disruptive technological solutions designed to mitigate risks for businesses. Whether it’s GDPR/CCPA, COVID-19, or fraudulent personal injury claims, any business engaging with customers or staff on their premises is at risk, especially in the increasingly litigious society we live in today.

At Ocucon we focus on identifying these risks and developing practical, agile, and user-friendly solutions to minimise such risks. Engaging with clients worldwide, we have been recognised for our innovation through our range of bespoke, customer and market driven software solutions. We won top prize in the US at the RTech Asset Protection Innovation awards (and indeed, were the only UK Company to make the shortlist) and were named a ‘Top 20 Influencer’ by Retail Insider’s 2020 Digital Retail Innovations Project. We’ve also appeared on BBC News (26th September 2020), talking about our latest project!

Ocucon specialises in innovative software solutions for loss prevention and asset protection e

Our mission is to use disruptive technology to help protect businesses against all aspects of Total Retail Loss.

By delivering technical innovation to loss prevention professionals, we help mitigate the multitude of risks that arise from doing business with customers on their premises. From costs associated with fraudulent personal-injury claims, to regulatory non-compliance (both in terms of Data Protection and COVID-19 guidelines), we identify the risk, and develop reliable, user-friendly solutions usable across a multitude of sectors to provide asset protection.

Trusted by World Leading Brands

KFC trust loss prevention software from Ocucon for GDPR and CCPA compliance
Aldi use a range of cloud based software solutions developed by Ocucon for Loss Prevention
Dunelm use Ocucon's video redaction software for GDPR compliance
NHS uses CCTV video redaction software from Ocucon for GDPR compliance
Estee Lauder use loss prevention software developed by Ocucon
Schuh trust loss prevention and asset protection software from Ocucon

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