Image Recognition Platform

Image Recognition through Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Recent developments in technology, computer vision and machine learning have enabled AI software to interpret imagery captured by existing CCTV network infrastructure. Software can be programmed to follow strict rules, alert upon specific events and remove the errors, which typically produce reporting failures and leave organisations blind to numerous risks. Ocucon’s proprietary image recognition platform has the power to release latent value from the CCTV data that you already capture through delivering accurate, reliable and robust reporting of specific events.

Image Recognition Platform

Through utilising existing CCTV camera infrastructure and the data it already captures, the Ocucon image recognition platform has the unique capability to solve for a wide array of issues, from Compliance and Health & Safety to Loss Prevention and Revenue Generation. This platform offers a low bandwidth, software only solution that uses proprietary AI computer vision technology to Interrogate and Analyse data contained within, then Alert upon detection of an event. Alerts can be bespoke, determined by specific installations, and range from audio to SMS and email, they also allow your associates to take pre-emptive action and mitigate risk through deploying critical thinking and strategy formulation, areas in which humans excel and technology struggles.

Image Recognition as a Service

This is where our proprietary Recognition as a Service comes into its own through providing an incredibly flexible, highly configurable solution that is system and camera agnostic. API driven front and back, we can extract the data we need from an array of end-points to Interrogate, Analyse, Alert and Inform (IAAI). The Ocucon platform delivers reliable and automatic detection of specific events, covers a wide range of business issues and dovetails completely within your existing operational environment.

Image Recognition Platform for Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Give your senior management team the data, reporting and the high-level overview that they need to start building business process to mitigate risk through our proprietary dashboard and custom reporting. Use our AI solutions to release latent value from your existing infrastructure by unlocking insights into real business problems. The Ocucon Recognition as a Service platform gives you what you need to build KPIs, mitigate risk and release hidden operational efficiency from your organisation to drive bottom line performance.

Improve Operational Efficiency through Computer Vision and Machine Learning

Learn how to unlock new areas of operational efficiency through gaining access to data that has so far remained hidden from large organisations. Benefit from actionable  retail intelligence that you can view through a single pane of glass by integrating custom analytics with your existing exception reporting system. Maximise productivity by  utilising data driven decisions that up until now have remained beyond reach. Ocucon can help you manage and guide the actions of your human capital through low cost, proprietary AI software solutions that improve efficiency and deliver rapid ROI.


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Innovation for Loss Prevention and Health & Safety

Our highly innovative technology uses existing CCTV infrastructure to deliver a software only solution that provides real-time alerts for a range of incidents. Empower your associates to take pre-emptive action so that they can negate risk and reduce liability by facilitating the rapid removal of hazards through improved compliance.


Trusted by World Leading Brands

KFC trust loss prevention software from Ocucon for GDPR and CCPA compliance
Aldi use a range of cloud based software solutions developed by Ocucon for Loss Prevention
Dunelm use Ocucon's video redaction software for GDPR compliance
NHS uses CCTV video redaction software from Ocucon for GDPR compliance
Estee Lauder use loss prevention software developed by Ocucon
Schuh trust loss prevention and asset protection software from Ocucon

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