Ocucon Announces Gold Level Partnership with Dell Technologies

Ocucon and Dell, one of the largest technology corporations in the world, have entered into a partnership.

Building on Ocucon’s strong technology relationships, this announcement kicks off a robust and mutually beneficial relationship with Dell that’s focused on helping customers transform the way they deploy, utilise and experience IT.

Founded in 2016, Ocucon specialises in the development and sale of disruptive technological solutions designed to mitigate risks for businesses. Ocucon can be defined as a visionary technology company with the aim providing businesses with a one stop shop to “see everything and know everything." The partnership with Dell gives Ocucon access to the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio and a world-class partner programme.

Dell Technologies approached Ocucon after having identified them as a significant opportunity. Ocucon was then accelerated through the Dell partnership programme and is officially a Gold level partner.

Dell Technologies, established in 1984 is an American multinational computer technology company that is a leader in digital transformation, providing digital technology solutions, products, and services to drive business success. Dell’s partnership programme empowers its partners to serve customers better, deliver solutions faster, and fuel business growth.

Gary Trotter, chief executive of Ocucon, said: “We’ve had an exciting year of growth here at Ocucon, and as we continue to scale, it’s crucial that we have establish strong technology partnerships. With the strength of an industry leader like Dell, behind Ocucon, it further empowers us to drive innovation and to capture the markets of tomorrow.”

Dell Technologies and Ocucon

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