Benefits of Cloud CCTV Video Recording Software for IP Cameras

What are the benefits of Cloud CCTV Video Recording Software?

So, why even bother using software to record CCTV video footage to the cloud? Well, there are numerous advantages, not least providing loss prevention through effective case management of personal injury claims, which typically arrive after 30-days. However, before we explore the importance of this 30-day threshold, we need to gain a greater understanding of basic CCTV systems and respective networks.

IP Cameras, DVRs, NVRs and VMS

Typical CCTV systems rely upon capturing video footage through connecting CCTV cameras to some form or storage device, as per the below schematic:

CCTV Video Recording Software 

Older systems used analogue cameras and as technology progressed it allowed footage captured by them to be recorded to Digital Video Recorders (DVRs). Analogue cameras connect to DVRs through coaxial cable, which the latter processes and converts so that it can be stored as digital data on a hard drive. A DVR is essentially an application specific PC, designed for the storage and management of video derived from analogue CCTV cameras. CCTV video can be viewed via native Video Management Software (VMS) and by attaching a VGA Monitor to it, along with a keyboard and mouse.

Recent developments and the age of the Internet of Things (IoT) has led to widespread adoption of IP cameras and Network Video Recorders (NVRs). NVRs offer very similar functionality to that of DVRs, but unlike the latter the former are designed for use with digital IP cameras through CAT5 or CAT6 network cables - hence the term ‘network’. NVRs also provide storage and management of footage captured by IP cameras, and support monitoring through native Video Management Software (VMS) by attaching a VGA Monitor, along with a keyboard and mouse.

Unlike the closed or product specific VMS applications referred to above, there are also a number of open VMS systems available. An open VMS can interface with cameras, DVRs and NVRs from numerous manufacturers through RTSP (Real Time Streaming Protocol). Open VMS systems offer organisations the flexibility to benefit from centralised management of CCTV, whether internally or through an Alarm Receiving or Monitoring Centre service provider.

Irrespective of the CCTV system, digital storage for lengthy periods of time comes with huge data management requirements. Related technological barriers and costs have therefore led to companies typically storing CCTV data for only 30 days. However, with the average personal injury claim arriving after 90 days this is far too short for most organisations, as without the evidence that they needed to defend themselves, it leaves them completely exposed to fake or over-inflated claims.

CCTV Video Recording Software – The Cloud?

Ever increasing bandwidths along with reducing costs of storage have opened up new avenues for CCTV video recording software during recent times, through using cloud based storage solutions. As a result, numerous manufacturers now include some form of API support as standard on their products. This allows external applications to remotely access CCTV video footage held within NVRs, or to even stream direct from IoT IP CCTV cameras, through RTSP support and edge storage. These mechanisms provide direct connectivity with the internet and to the cloud, which opens up access to potential low cost, long term storage.

CCTV Recording Software for Cloud Storage








To benefit from these technological developments and to mitigate the risk of inadequate storage times, Ocucon has developed proprietary software that provides CCTV video recording direct to the cloud for unlimited storage of unlimited cameras. This robust and easy to use system enables CCTV video footage to be securely streamed in real-time direct to the cloud for storage and retrieval through utilising private, closed circuit connectivity to Tier 3 level data centres using end-to-end military grade (256-bit) encryption. It also delivers the ultimate protection against fake or fraudulent personal injury claims through an easy to use case management tool.

Case management – The Ocucon Cloud

Inbuilt case management holds the key to providing an effective line of defence, Cloud by Ocucon not only provides proprietary software for unlimited CCTV Video Recording but also comes with seamless incident logging and real-time retrieval of video footage. This feature allows users to respond efficiently and appropriately to any personal injury claim by simply logging onto Cloud, selecting the location and then reviewing video footage captured from respective CCTV cameras for the date and time that the incident purportedly occurred.


Case Management Software for CCTV Video Recording


Incidents can be logged and saved within the system by clicking on the ‘Create Incident’ tab and completing the fields on the pop-up dialogue box. Adding relevant CCTV video surveillance footage from within the application from selected cameras allows users to save and provide a complete audit log of the actual incident. The system even provides a downloadable PDF that summarises the incident, which can be issued along with an appropriate response and video footage to the claimant or the third party representative acting on their behalf.


Incident Management Software for CCTV Video Recording


As highlighted above, Cloud based CCTV Video Recording and Case Management Software comes with numerous benefits, so why not explore what it can do for you? Simply Contact us now for a demo.

CCTV Video Recording Software for Cloud Storage

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