Why SaaS is Ideal for Data Protection and GDPR Compliance

Data Protection and GDPR Compliance - VSaas

Let’s take a look at why VSaaS offers an ideal solution for data protection and GDPR compliance specialists, when managing CCTV networks. Particularly, when considering that the average organisation is managing almost 40 percent more data than it was a year ago, according to new research from Dell Technologies. Consequently, this surge in data presents a raft of business challenges. 

Data Protection Challenges for GDPR Compliance

To learn about the challenges surrounding data protection, Dell surveyed 1,000 IT decision makers at public and private organisations with 250+ employees from 15 different countries.

The survey found that 82% of organisations surveyed were affected by cyberattacks, data loss, and/or system downtime within the past 12 months. 68% of organisations said that they are worried about being affected by a disruptive event in the next 12 months. As companies continue to manage even more data, the likelihood of an organisation suffering more cyberattacks, system downtime, and data loss will only increase.

This survey certainly proves that data protection must be a crucial part of an organisation’s strategy. As the data landscape grows increasingly complex, organisations will require agile, sustainable data protection solutions that can scale in a multi-platform, multi-cloud environment. 

Further Data Protection Considerations

H&M recently made headlines for receiving a fine of £32m for not complying with GDPR laws. This was because they were monitoring their employees in Germany without employee permission or consent.

To avoid receiving any fines from the ICO, each organisation must be aware that their CCTV systems need to be fully GDPR compliant. As the use of CCTV and data grows, organisations must have a robust data protection strategy. This presents a number of challenges to data protection professionals. CCTV footage supplied as part of a subject access request must be sent to the requester within one month and in a readable and securely redacted format.

If you are operating in a region not covered by the GDPR, it’s a good idea to proactively put some solid data protection practices in place. This is because the global research firm, Gartner, has projected that the majority of the world will be covered by data privacy regulations by 2023. Furthermore, Gartner predicts that GDPR will be the model upon which a majority of these new privacy regulations are based. 

The Value of SaaS in Data Protection

In the current climate, data protection professionals need to be flexible and secure in their workspaces, whether working remotely, in the office, or a combination of both. Software as a service (SaaS) is characterised by a low cost of entry, fast and easy deployment, and very little overhead or infrastructure management. SaaS enables all users to have a uniform experience no matter where they connect, something that is certainly crucial if you have a remote workforce. It’s clear that cloud-based solutions have proven vital to business continuity. 

Video Redaction for GDPR Compliance

Data privacy is here to stay. The public’s understanding of their rights on personal data is only going to increase. Newsworthy stories like the H&M case will only further raise awareness surrounding data privacy and GDPR. 

Data and security professionals need to have robust solutions to data protection challenges in place. Cloud-based, AI video redaction is just one example of technology available to data and security professionals so they can adapt and help the public access their data, regardless of format. 

The leading intelligent video redaction tool, Pixelate by Ocucon, has been updated with a range of AI features that makes protecting members of the public in CCTV footage quicker and easier, whilst giving more control to the end-user. View a brief video on Pixelate here and get in touch with us for a free demo and more information.

Why SaaS is Ideal for Data Protection and GDPR Compliance
Video Redaction for Data Protection and GDPR Compliance using VSaas

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