Ocucon Announces Integration with leading VMS Software Providers for CCTV

Cognyte, Avigilon and IPConfigure VMS Software Integration for CCTV

Ocucon’s proprietary image recognition platform has a unique capability to solve for a wide range of issues, from Compliance and Health & Safety to Loss Prevention and Revenue Generation. Offering a low bandwidth ‘software only’ solution, which comes built upon existing CCTV infrastructure, the Ocucon platform integrates seamlessly with your preferred system to deliver actionable insights in real-time and deploys rapidly across your retail estate to provide central visibility.

API driven front and back, our platform delivers an incredibly flexible, highly configurable AI software solution that is system and camera agnostic. A point demonstrable through recent integration work focused upon a number of specific Use Cases, which has resulted in delivering milestone integrations with the following Video Management System (VMS) providers:

  • Cognyte (Intellicene)
  • Avigilon
  • IPConfigure

With the ability to extract data from an array of end-points, we can pull image packets for analysis by our AI driven solutions from a range of CCTV VMS software providers, irrespective of whether they are centrally hosted, or locally hosted across multiple sites. Our platform even has the ability to pull direct from network video recorders or from CCTV cameras. The included video within this page provides demonstrable proof of the latter, wherein Ricky Rabell from Axis put SpillDetect through its paces at the Loss Prevention Research Council (LPRC). For this test we used the Axis Communications HTTP API to extract the data we needed in real-time.

Integration with the Intellicene Video Management System also formed a key part of a hugely successful 40-week trial conducted at a market leading US grocer. Not only were we able to extract CCTV data via the Intellicene API for processing through the Ocucon image recognition platform, but we also served notifications back into the Symphia VMS software upon the detection of specific incidents. This facilitated timely responses by associates to alerts, as they appeared within the same pane of glass that were continually monitored for a range of events. Similarly, an ongoing trial at a global leader in quick service restaurants will soon see the Ocucon platform added to IPConfigure’s product user interface as an APP inside their Orchid VMS user interface.

These use cases provide demonstrable proof of Ocucon’s ability to deliver reliable and automatic detection of specific events through using world leading AI software models, to address a wide range of business issues, from health and safety to compliance. They also evidence the capability of Ocucon to completely dovetail its proprietary solutions within the operational environment of vastly differing verticals.

Take your VMS Software to the Next Level - Release Latent Value from CCTV

VMS software and CCTV systems typically capture an incredible amount of data, however in practice very little is actually done with it outside of crime prevention or security (source). Through providing a low bandwidth solution compatible with an ever increasing number of VMS software solutions, Ocucon can help your organisation reduce health & safety incidents and improve regulatory compliance through our range of cutting edge solutions.

Why not break the vicious circle of unmitigated risk through deploying our AI computer vision platform? With smart AI software from Ocucon you can benefit from reduced liabilities and costs by creating a virtuous circle of mitigated risk. Our solutions improve Health & Safety, Loss Prevention and revenue generation and allow you to reap the strategic benefits that come with them, all of which wash down to the bottom line. Why not differentiate your business by becoming the safest place to work & shop and profit from exceptional loss prevention with unparalleled ROI? Why not explore how to efficiently mitigate risks, reduce liability and drive revenue growth using innovative AI technology?

By providing seamless end-to-end integration with VMS software providers and third party notification suppliers, we can help you unlock value at every level in your business through our dashboard reporting or even via third party analytics systems. Our AI driven image recognition platform empowered you to:

  • Leverage your existing CCTV infrastructure using advanced AI algorithms to detect events of interest
  • Receive real-time, tailored alerts through your preferred notification methods (SMS, email, headsets, audio).
  • Mitigate a multitude of risks through receiving exclusive, actionable insights that improve your safety and business processes, which completely dovetail with your operational environment

Release Latent Value from the Data Captured by your VMS Software

Ocucon’s image recognition platform offers a low bandwidth, low cost, software-only solution that solves for a range of issues. Built upon existing CCTV infrastructure compatible with an array of VMS software providers, our smart AI technology delivers incident prevention to negate liability and mitigate risk by serving real-time, critical alerts powered by our state-of the-art computer vision platform.

Gary Trotter, chief executive of Ocucon, said: “Yet another example of how our technology partnerships accelerate joint strategic objectives of helping companies to mitigate risk and reduce cost through improved performance. AI software offers the only viable route when it comes to deploying low cost solutions at scale over existing CCTV networks.”

If you are interested in our range of AI driven solutions and how they may help you to release latent value from your VMS software or existing CCTV infrastructure, why not contact us now to see how Ocucon can give you the level of business intelligence and insights that you need to take performance to the next level?

VMS Integration for AI Software to release latent value from CCTV
Video demo showing VMS software integration for AI software solutions for CCTV

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