Real Time Occupancy Monitoring Feed for your Website with Occupi API

Looking for real time occupancy monitoring? You can now display live in-store occupancy levels on your website through real time occupancy monitoring with the Occupi API from Ocucon.

Occupi, Ocucon’s ground-breaking occupancy monitoring and management system, has received notable attention in the press following installation at a number of global retailers. Occupi harnesses the power of AI and uses body detection to provide unrivalled accuracy, it senses people as they enter and exit stores and allows retailers to regulate customer numbers in line with government regulations.

To help retailers prepare their stores for the second wave, particularly when faced with winter and the prospect of customers queueing outside for lengthy periods of time, Ocucon has developed a new optional feature for our market leading occupancy monitoring system – Occupi Dashboard.

What is OCCUPi Dashboard?

The addition of an application programming interface (API) to Occupi allows retailers to extract occupancy data in real time for the number of customers in store, on a store-by-store basis, and then display these figures on their website. The API provides data, in real time, for how many people have been counted in or out of the store within a specific date and time range. It also generates the difference between these figures and provides the total occupancy figure for a particular location.

By taking this data and integrating it within their website application, retailers can easily display live occupancy levels on a store-by-store basis and clearly indicate whether stores are full or have capacity, and if they have capacity for customers, how many they can accommodate before becoming full.

Enhanced Customer Experience

This additional feature allows customers to sit back in the comfort of their homes and observe occupancy levels at their local store. They can then make informed decisions before committing to a journey and avoid what otherwise amounts to playing Russian roulette with the winter weather and queues. Through using the Occupi Dashboard, retailers can significantly enhance the overall shopping experience of their customers and improve their competitive positioning through helping them to avoid unnecessary exposure to bad weather during the second wave of Covid-19. Dashboard provides the ideal add-on to Occupi, the market leading occupancy management system developed by Ocucon.

About OCCUPi

Occupi has already proven demonstrable improvements in both sales and productivity for its users, particularly when compared to using manual people counting or other less accurate systems – click here to read more. Its accuracy allows retailers to avoid compounded errors, which can otherwise significantly impact upon occupancy levels and sales. Through maximising in store customer numbers in line with government imposed restrictions, whilst maintaining safe social distancing, Occupi provides numerous benefits for users of its technology and delivers an ROI achievable within 30 days from installation.

When considering the corporate social responsibility of retailers as we move into a second lock down, by removing the need for door marshals to regulate customer numbers Occupi minimises transmission potential, eliminates potential flashpoints and helps to protect the well-being of both staff and customers during these difficult times. These are all factors that led to Occupi being featured on BBC Click, the BBC’s flagship technology program.

Why not take a lead on your competition, prepare your stores now for the second wave, and install the Occupi occupancy management system to improve your customer experience through providing real time occupancy monitoring? Contact us now to learn more.

Real Time Occupancy Control Monitoring Feed for your Website with Occupi API

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