Pixelate Obscures the Competition

The launch of the latest version of Pixelate is gaining momentum and exciting coverage in prestigious press outlets. Just last month, we updated Pixelate with a range of features that makes protecting members of the public in CCTV footage quicker and easier, whilst giving more control to the end-user. IFSEC Global reached out to Ocucon to get our CEO’s thoughts on the importance of complying with data regulations via video redaction technology. We enjoyed discussing all things data protection and innovation. As a result, IFSEC published the recent article; The Next Phase in Video Redaction and Data Protection, which you can find here.

About IFSEC Global

IFSEC Global is a leading provider of features, news, videos and white papers for the security and fire industries. IFSEC provides valuable information to the full security supply chain. It is preeminent in the UK but has an audience worldwide, and it is highly regarded. IFSEC covers developments in both physical security technologies as well as emerging technologies, such as IoT (Internet of Things), cybersecurity, and smart buildings. Contributors include industry thought leaders who cover topics like best practices in security management and risk. 

The Launch of Pixelate V3

IFSEC Global were interested to hear about the development of Pixelate and its new features. They also wanted our insight into the need for video redaction, as well as the importance of complying with GDPR. We also provided insight into the challenges facing data and security professionals. The future of video redaction was also discussed in the article plus our Pixelate video (LINK) featured. It’s helped increase our views on Youtube. We continue to offer insights in the security and data protection sectors to showcase our expertise of these subjects. 

We recently launched this latest version of Pixelate after improving on its existing ground-breaking features. The automated redaction feature, built on AI is even more intelligent and instantly detects and then redacts individuals in video footage. An updated dashboard allows users to easily view their account details and subscription information. 

Key Points of Data Protection

Press outlets continue to be interested in learning more about the latest version of Pixelate. From a Data Protection perspective, journalists are interested in covering developments in data protection technology. Data protection professionals are looking for all the ways that they can be GDPR compliant and respond more easily to Subject Access Requests. From a security industry perspective, journalists want to provide their readers with information on surveillance technology, including video redaction. Video redaction is a key component of data protection and should not be overlooked. 

We’ve also just released our latest video ad for Pixelate, you can view it on our YouTube channel here. Be sure to subscribe to learn more about our latest updates.

It’s evident that press outlets are highly interested in our innovative technology, so be sure to look out for further exciting coverage of Pixelate Version 3!

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