Ocucon forms loss prevention partnership with Arm-subsidiary SeeChange

Ocucon, the Newcastle-based technology company, and SeeChange Technologies, a subsidiary of British tech giant Arm, have entered into a partnership to develop AI-based systems that will help prevent losses from accidents, false claims, and theft. 

Building on Ocucon’s strong relationships with major supermarket chains, the partnership will initially focus on the retail sector, though there will also be applications in distribution, warehousing and hospitality as well as in the workplace. 

According to the Health & Safety Executive there were over 750,000 non-fatal workplace injuries in the year 2019/20 and over 100 fatal accidents. Claims for injuries in shops and other places where the public accesses a company’s property are on the rise, and Ocucon’s Cloud storage solution, which allows far greater storage and access to CCTV footage, is already helping tackle this problem.

In the midst of the Covid-19 crisis, Ocucon proved its ability to rapidly develop and deploy technology solutions at large scale and across complex organisations. Last year, Aldi approached Ocucon and asked it to develop a traffic light-based occupancy management system to improve store safety. The Occupi system is now deployed across Aldi’s 1,000+ strong UK and Ireland store network and is in use at other leading retailers and hospitality businesses. 

SeeChange was established in 2018 as a new business within Arm, with the mission of making real-time AI easy to deploy and widely available through the development of SeeWare, a video analytics and recognition platform.

A driving force behind this partnership is the synergy between the two tech companies. Gary Trotter, chief executive of Ocucon, said: “SeeChange has complimentary technologies to ours, and this partnership continues to push forward with our aim to help companies mitigate risk and reduce loss. We see a lot of potential to develop innovative systems that can massively reduce risks in shops, workplaces and anywhere monitored by CCTV.”

Jason Souloglou, CEO of SeeChange, said: “We chose to partner with Ocucon because of the success of its Occupi system, which demonstrates their ability to develop and deploy solutions at scale, and together with our AI recognition technology, this promises to be a compelling proposition.”

About SeeChange:

SeeChange Technologies is an award-winning Computer Vision AI company. Our system recognises physical world scenarios and identifies the relevant actions to take, offering never-before-possible insights to help partners optimise their business delivery, improve compliance and reduce risks and liability. Founded as a subsidiary of ARM, SeeChange Technologies has become an independent company offering unique AI expertise into the real world.

For more information visit www.seechange.com


Ocucon forms Innovative Loss Prevention partnership with SeeChange

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