Is Your Company Ready to Handle Subject Access Requests?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into effect on 25 May 2018. Under these new regulations enforced across Europe, individuals have a right to request access to personal data (subject access request) with requests processed within 1 month at no cost to the individual. Personally identifiable data includes a range of information, from licence plates, name and date of birth, to IP addresses and cookies.


A Proactive Approach to GDPR

A recent survey carried out by Populus of 1,015 companies across Europe uncovered current attitudes about GDPR readiness. The survey findings show that on average, companies will spend 172 hours a month locating the data for such requests. 44% of companies reported that they are concerned about their ability to be compliant with GDPR. Business need to be aware of compliance issues as they face a hefty fine if they do not comply. These fines can be €20 million or 4% of annual global turnover.

The survey discovered that larger companies are taking a more proactive approach to GDPR, with 64% preparing to overhaul their IT. However, a large scale IT overhaul for video redaction will not be necessary with the recent launch of Pixelate by Ocucon. Simple, cost effective and easy to use, Pixelate is a first of its kind, intelligent video redaction tool for GDPR compliance.

Users of Pixelate will be able to upload CCTV footage to the secure web-based portal and download redacted files within minutes. Existing customers of Ocucon’s powerful, cloud-based storage and retrieval platform to store their CCTV footage, will have full access to Pixelate and will able to select the video clips they wish to redact from within the cloud. Contact us today to arrange a demo of Pixelate.

Manage Subject Access Requests for CCTV through our low cost GDPR compliant video redaction software

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